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How to download and install WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 200 is one of the most frequent questions I have been receiving of recent after I made a post on how to download whatsapp for nokia s40 java phones. Which I have found a bit difficult to address cos WhatsApp is somehow reluctant in supporting the popular Nokia Nokia Asha 200 (No officially supported WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 200).

Well, my answer all these while has been “wait for WhatsApp next updates to see if your phone model will be included. Though, I’m aware that WhatsApp recently made an update which included some Nokia s40 phones like Nokia X2-00, Nokia Asha 302, Nokia Asha 306 and Nokia Asha 311 but still, Nokia Asha 200 was left out in the update for some reasons best known to the WhatsApp company, A WhatsApp representative stated a bit of it in this my discussion with them.

Left for me, I will choose Tecno N3 dual SIM smartphone against Nokia 200. Cos you can get WhatsApp for Tecno N3 Android Phonefrom this link

A Reply to my Question from WhatsApp Representative

Hi Azubuike, The Nokia Asha 200 is not a supported device for WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp uses your phone number to identify your account and dual SIMs presents significant difficulty to this feature. There are also no background services that allow WhatsApp to receive messages while your phone is not actively being used. Thus, the Nokia Asha 200 is not supported for WhatsApp. You can check to see which Nokia phones are supported here. If your device is not listed, it is not supported and will not be able to run WhatsApp. Sadly, If your device is unsupported, we cannot comment on any future development plans. –Ana. WhatsApp Support Team

As you can see in the above message according to a WhatsApp representative by name Ana, WhatsApp did not officially support Nokia Asha 200, but we got a modified file that can be used to install WhatsApp chat on Nokia 200. And that is what you will see below.

I came up with this method after I got tired of giving the same answer for a particular issue over and over again about how to get WhatsApp for Nokia 200.

whatsapp nokia 200

If you have looked for how to install Whatsapp on Nokia Asha 200, this post is for you. Simply follow the steps below to get WhatsApp running on your Nokia 200:

Disclaimer: I didn’t carry out a test of this whatsapp file  for Nokia 200 and can not guarantee that it will work for your Asha 200 phone. So, just download and try it, if you are lucky it may work for you if not, just ignore it.

How to make WhatsApp work on Nokia Asha 200

  1. Open your Nokia 200 basic browser and visit this page.
  2. Once on this page, click on WhatsApp Nokia 200.
  3. Save the file and run it
  4. Enter a valid mobile phone number to be used for WhatsApp chat.
  5. Save and that’s all.

I hope it work for you :-D. Kindly share your experience with us using the comment form below.

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