Using Your Mobile Phone As ROUTER For Multiple Sharing Of Internet Connection

You can use your mobile phone as a ROUTER for multiple sharing of internet connection as your mobile phone has many facilities built into it and one of such is the capability to Using your MOBILE PHONE as a ROUTER to connect other devices.

Your mobile phone has many purpose of which it was built. It can do those things you never imagine it can do, it only require your knowledge of how to make best use of those facilities on your phone and you will go on having fun on your mobile phone and making a lot of savings as well.

One of these facilities we will talk about today is the ability to turning your mobile phone to ROUTER for mass sharing of your connection to other external devices like computer, laptop, tablets, notebooks, smart phones etc.

Though as internet modem, Your mobile phone can connect your one computer or laptop to the internet at a time, as long as the phone has the required facilities.
A good number of us have succeeded in this area, using mobile phone as a modem. Therefore saving the cost of internet modem. Yes it saves you money meant to purchase modem.

using mobile phone as router

Here I will be sharing with you a hot tip I discovered recently on how to Using Your Mobile Phone As ROUTER For Multiple Sharing Of Internet Connection, unlike that of internet modem which connects only one computer device at a time, this method can connect up to 5 computers / wireless devices at once and still maintain good speed.

It requires no special configuration settings from the experts, it is simple to do and anyone can do it with no fuss so long he /she knows how to connect mobile phone to the internet.

Now lets go…….

What is a ROUTER?

Just to help you understand the point; Router is a physical devices that join multiple wired or wireless networks together.

Technically, a wired or wireless router is a Layer 3 gateway , meaning that the wired / wireless router connects networks (as gateways do), and that the router operates at the network layer of the OSI model. Its a device designed for distribution of internet connection to other external devices

How Does The App Work.

To start with, You will need to download and run a simple but powerful application called “JOIKUSPOT Premium” on your mobile nokia phone.

Joikuspot Premium allows you to share your internet connection with external devices.

It simply require an internet connection of your mobile phone from your network / service provider, so you will have to select Access Point for the application to run with.


How Do I Connect With JOIKUSPOT Premium.

  1. Go to and download the application to your phone, (make sure your phone is supported).
  2. Install and Run Joikuspot Premium application on your phone.
  3. Open and Launch Joikuspot premium, if prompted to sharing with external devices, press YES.
  4. Choose Access Point for the application to connect to your mobile phone internet connection.
  5. Once connected, Switch on the other external device(s) you want to share connection with.
  6. Switch on WLAN/WIFI scanner to search for the available WIFI Device (which is your mobile phone)
  7. Once connected via WLAN, WI-FI hot spot on other external devices, you are good to go www.

Now you can browse, surf the internet as long as your network connection is steady and your data bundle is valid.joikuspot premium

NOTE: This works the same way with physical router device and can connect upto 5 devices or more at once and still maintain it high speed.

Why spend that $150 – $ 400 (N23,000 – N62,000) for mifi device, router device and all that when there is a good alternative???

Go ahead and give it a try and you will be amazed at the result you will get…………. yes it’s that simple.
Before you start Using Your Mobile Phone As ROUTER For Multiple Sharing Of Internet Connection.
Please Note that using Joikuspot Premium as a router with you phone may shorting the life of your battery and phone as well.


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