Top 3 Challenges In Growing Your Small Business

Have you ever been challenged to finding new clients to do business with? Is that your one and only biggest challenge when it comes to growing small business.

In this post we ll learn about top 3 challenges most people faced in small business growth and you may be surprised to read what they are.

  1.  Marketing.
  2. Get New Clients / Customers.
  3. Making More Money 😀 .

After a series of research, we learned that the 3 major challenges in business to an international business were almost the same. However, they deal with issues on a daily basis that we only see in the movies. Making it work is difficult, at times impossible, but, you should strive to make your business spirit unstoppable!

The challenges are always similar everywhere, and yet, the people under these category struggled to survive daily when it comes to the basics like feeding their children and having a roof over their heads.

Now, before you start asking me a ton of questions, I am not that naïve in that I don’t know these situations occur in places like America too. But that’s not what I am talking about.

I’m talking about You – those of us who are privileged beyond belief with education, money, possessions (‘stuff’!), loving families, support from others, technology, and so on. Yes, You! In Africa, we learned that the daily challenges these people faced included theft, no entitlement to free advertising, epileptic power supply, lack of potable water, good road network etc (like others had), giving change in U.S. $, and so much more.

The one Huge advantage that can see these people through is their mindset!

  • Having An appetite to learn
  • A hunger to improve
  • Persistence to succeed, no matter what!
  • A joy filled spirit Faith! –
  • Belief that things can get better –
  • A willingness to learn from others and to apply that small business ideas… And more.

These are what makes the difference in my opinion! It’s Our kind of mindset that gets in our way – and we let it.

So, back to my opening paragraph – we do have the same challenges as others do when it comes to growing business, getting new customers, marketing and making money. The best thing is to help them to create an action plan to improve in each of these areas.

The difference is these people are hungry for this kind of business ideas  information and they are committed to applying the knowledge they gathered.

So in your own case, what are you going to do differently this week when it comes to growing your small business? What has been your excuse for not getting it done? Pat Mussieux is fast becoming regarded as a highly valued Canadian mentor for women entrepreneurs taking her own business from zero to a multiple 6-figure home based business in less than 4 years. Much of her success can be attributed to her ability in marketing, mindset and money!

So you have to put to work what you learn about Top 3 Challenges In Growing Your Small Business so as to turn your business into international business.

Cheers ❗