Top 4 Mobile Messaging Chat Apps for your Smartphone

Top 4 Mobile messaging applications for your smartphone that deliver instant messages like Blackberry messenger. Gone are those days when one needs to depend solely on Blackberry Messenger for mobile instant messaging. As mobile telephony advances, mobile phone manufacturers and mobile application builders are working hard in building better messaging apps that will change your mobile […]

Mobile Phone Users Prefer Chat, Browsing, Networking To Voice Calls

When considering what mobile phone users do with their mobile phones, you will discover that most Mobile Phone Users Prefer Chat, Browsing, Networking To Voice Calls as against yesterday. And as a result, high-end smartphones are being produced daily to meet the internet lifestyle of phone users. Brits need to talk for only ten minutes […]

Glo Free 200mb, Buy Samsung Phone + Glo Sim Card

Buy Samsung Smart Phone with Glo Sim to get glo free 200mb Data for free Browsing. Glo Mobile in partnership with Samsung Mobile introduces the new messaging service sweeping the world to their subscribers named chaton. Chaton lets you to enjoy upto 200mb data glo free browsing. On ch@ton you are allowed to Chat with […]

Download WhatsApp Messenger For Nokia s40 Java Phone

Whatsapp Messenger is a smartphone chat app that brings BBM features to Smartphones. It’s latest update brought WhatsApp Messenger for Nokia s40 java phone users. Whatsapp Chat for Nokia Java Phones is available for free download. The Instant Messaging app was earlier targeted on high-end / cross-platform smartphones such as iPhone, Android phones, Windows and Blackberry […]

Whatsapp Messenger A Good Alternative To Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

WhatsApp Messenger is a great chatting application designed to work on some selected smartphones like iPhone, android phones, Blackberry phones, Windows mobile and Nokia S60 phones and above. I so much like Whatsapp Messenger more than Blackberry Messenger. One of the reasons why I prefer WhatsApp Messenger to Blackberry messenger (BBM) is because whatsapp messenger […]