Reasons Why You May Not Receive Adsense PIN

There are so many Reasons Why You May Not Receive Adsense PIN though I will discuss the most vital one with you in this post.

Adsense PIN contact verification is a way to tell Google that the contact address you entered during Google Adsense application request are correct. Though, some reasons can make one not to receive his Google Adsense personal identification number (PIN).

You see, we refer to Google as the king of the web, and Google being so wise, always device a means to verify ownership of your account. Apart from telling Google that your contact address is real. Google also want to help you make sure you can be able to receive cheque (when issued and mailed to you) at that contact address to avoid loss of cheques as a result of incorrect contact details.

Therefore, to achieve this, Google Adsense Support team will generate PIN of about 6 digit numbers for your Adsense account, package it in an envelop and mail to your contact address. Then, you will be required to enter the PIN into the box provided for it under settings in your Google adsense account and click on Submit PIN button in order to verify your contact address.

Adsense pin code

It is necessary to verify your address to enable payment for your adsense account, so you can start receiving cheques once you reach the payment threshold.

On the other hand, failure to verify your contact address will lock your account and deny you the opportunity to receiving cheques from Google even if you have reached the payment threshold. All payments will remain on hold till you verify your contact details.


Reasons Why You May Not Receive Adsense PIN:

In spite all efforts, a lot of Adsense publishers still could not receive their PIN. Some even requested for the pin code of adsense 3 times (which is max limit of PIN request) and still, they couldn’t recieve it. Why? The truth is that Google mails your PIN to your address 2 to 3 days after the PIN request. So if you did not receive the PIN after 21 days, 28 days or even 35 days from date of request, the problem is not from Google.

Mine was sent on the 11th of June 2012 and I received it on 6th July 2012 though it arrived Enugu Nipost office on 3rd July 2012. (I also advice you exchange phone contact with some distribution agents so that they will always call you immediately your package arrives their office to avoid extra unnecessary delay)

Incorrect ZipCode / PostCode May Be The Problem.

You see, a lot of internet users does not know the meaning of zip code / post code, some don’t know the difference between Zipcode / Postcode, P.O Box and Country dialing code. I have seen guys using 23401 (which 234 is Nigerian dialing code and 01 is Lagos city dailing code) as their postcode and I tell you, if you use that as postcode in your Google Adsense account, I doubt if you will ever receive your PIN even if it is sent 100 times cos during address search, it will not locate your address.

So for you to be able to receive anything mailed or shipped from other countries and have it delivered to your house, I mean your door step, make sure you entered the correct postal code of your area.

If you take a close look at the above photo, you will see under Google Adsense Support address, you will see 94043, a 5 digit number which is the Zipcode for Mountain View area, CA, USA. Also below the picture where my name is written, you will see 400221, a 6 digit number, that is the postcode exclusively for New Haven area, Enugu, Nigeria. So each area / city has its own exclusive postcode which can not be used in any other area or city, and with the postcode, you can easily track any steet address under that code even from Google maps.

How To Know The Post Code of Your Area / City:
Follow the link below, read the step by step guide to make sure you get the correct postcode of your area, city, state.


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