Prices Of UK (Fairly) Used Blackberry Mobile Phones In Nigeria.

Used BlackBerry Phones Prices varies depending on shop and the grade of the phone and the shop where it’s been sold. Here is just a simple list of Used Blackberry Phone Prices and where to buy used blackberry phones in Nigeria.

The Prices of Used BlackBerry phones listed here are near to brand new, very clean and comes with pack and other Blackberry Accessories.
Some shops even sell them at the price of New Blackberry Phones. (So don’t devalue them cos I mentioned Uk Fairly Used Blackberry Phones) you may also read about Blackberry Porsche price and Samsung Galaxy S3 price

So, to make it easier for those of us asking or searching for Used Blackberry phone prices with no result, I compiled this Short List Of Fairly Used BlackBerry Phones Prices in Nigeria and hoping you will find it helpful.

used blackberry phone prices

Blackberry Phone Models / Blackberry Prices as Follows

  • Used Blackberry PlayBook N55,000.
  • Used Blackberry Torch 9800 touch and type N55,000.
  • Used Blackberry Curve2 N24,000.
  • Used Blackberry Curve3 N29,000.
  • Used Blackberry Stom2 N30,000.
  • Used Blackberry Pearl N9,000.
  • Used Blackberry Passion N8,000.
  • Used Blackberry Bold1 N22,000.
  • Used Blackberry Bold2 N37,000.
  • Used Blackberry Bold3 N30,000.
  • Used Blackberry Bold4 N42,000.
  • Used Blackberry Bold5 N74,000.
  • Used Blackberry Tour N22,000.
  • Used Blackberry Javlin N24,000.

The above listed Used blackberry phones & prices or Tokunbo Blackberry phones are UK, London Used Blackberry phones. They are very ok, with minor scratches which you may not notice.

You can buy them from any Reliable Online Phone Sellers like at even lower price

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