New Etisalat Internet Plans, Data Bundle Prices And Subscription Codes

Etisalat Nigeria, a gaint telecom operator in the country recently made changes to their internet plans, data volume and internet subscription codes. Therefore, the old data bundle activation codes you used to know will no longer work.

So, I feel it will be nice if I list the new etisalat data plans, internet bundle prices and subscription codes here on this site, so that you will not be thrown off-balance when subscribing to etisalat data plans.

Etisalat now modified and added the below internet plans to their network.

  1. Etisalat internet bundle.
  2. Etisalat internet plans.
  3. Etisalat smartphone plans.
  4. Etisalat facebook plans.
  5. Etisalat Opera mini plans.

Each plan has a different data allowance, plan price, subscription code as well as plan type and validity period. So, we will go through them one by one to know their contents.

new etisalat internet bundles, prices and codes

New Etisalat internet plans, data bundle prices and subscription codes.

Etisalat internet bundle is a plan designed for heavy internet users. It can be used with modem together with PC.

Etisalat internet bundle are as follows:

6GB N4000 MB6 229.
1.5GB N10,000 SM1 229.
20GB N15,000 SM2 229.
20GB N18,000 SM3 229.

Etisalat internet plans. This data plan is designed for mobile phone users, not really heavy users.
Etisalat internet plan are as follows:

10MB N100 MI1 229 always 1 day.
50MB N500 MI2 229 always 7 days.
200MB N1,000 MB2 229 always 30 days.
500MB N2,000 MB3 229 always 30 days.
1.5GB N4,000 MB4 229 always 30 days.
3GB N6,500 MB5 229 always 30 days.

Unlimited N4,000 MB6 Night and Weekend 30 days.
Or send mobile to 229.

Etisalat smartphone plans – is designed for smartphones to enable smart phone users to stay connected always.

Etisalat smartphone plans are as follows:

200MB N1,000 smarta 8183 always 30 days.
500MB N2,000 smartb 8183 always 30 days.
1.5GB N4,000 smartc 8183 always 30 days.
3GB N6,500 smartd 229 always 30 days.
6GB N8,000 smarte 8183 always 30 days.

Etisalat facebook plans – this plan is designed for browsing facebook social network only, it can not be used to access other websites and webpages except facebook.

Etisalat facebook plans as follows:

Unlimited N25 FBD 229 daily plan 1 day.

Unlimited N100 FBW 229 weekly plan 7days
Unlimited N200 FBM 229 monthly plan 30 days.

Etisalat Opera Mini plans – this plan is nothing but browsing about 3 social network sites like m,, and and 3 sports sites .

Each of the plans cost a daily fee of N50 only.

Etisalat Opera mini plans are as follows:

Unlimited N50 *343*1# Opera Social bundle 1 day.
Unlimited N50 *343*2# Opera Sport bundle 1 day.

Dail *343*0# to opt-out auto renewal.

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  1. Bode david says

    Hi etisalat,is’t true that etisalat does not allow their sim to brows tru operamini on Nokia C200? If not, how can i use my nokia c200 to brows wt my easy click etisalat sim?

  2. Chidinma says

    Pls are you sure that the etisalat night and weekend is unlimited? Some people say its about 3gb. Pls clarify this, i want to try it.

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