Monetize Carrington Mobile with Google Adsense Search Bar

If you have a carrington mobile for WordPress. You can now monetize the carrington mobile with Google Adsense search bar and make some money ($€£¥) from the ads that appears on the search results by simply replacing the default search form of the Mobile Theme with Google custom search form.

You need to change the codes of the default search bar of Carrington mobile to Google Adsense for search codes in order to make revenues with Carrington mobile site version.

Change the carrington search bar cos you can’t make money with it, only the Google custom search bar can make you revenue because it has the power to display ads to mobile users on the search results (when used), which if clicked on will earn you a few dollars.

To add Google custom search bar on carrington mobile you need to do the following things:

How to monetize carrington mobile with Google Adsense search bar to display ads to your WordPress mobile site visitors

  1. Download and install Carrington Mobile + WPMS WordPress mobile edition plugin. After successful installation, activate the plugin for mobile view of your site.
  2. Go to adsense and generate ad codes. You must have active adsense account, login to and generate adsense for search codes. Customize it to your test.
  3. Now go to, login to your cpanel (where is your cpanel url).
  4. Choose Legacy File Manager or File Manager
  5. In the file directory area click on >> wp-content
  6. Click themes, then click >>> carrington mobile.
  7. Click >>> forms, in the next page click >>> search.php

If you followed my instructions, the url should look like this:


Otherwise, repeat the above steps.

  • Now, from the right side of your screen, click >>> Edit File with Code Editor
  • Choose encoding (maybe utf-8 or there about).
  • Scroll down and >>> click edit
  • From the code contents, search for the codes below
<form id=”search” action=”bloginfo(‘home’); ?>” method=”get”>
<input id=”s” type=”text” name=”s” value=”” />

<input type=”submit” name=”submit_button” value=”Search” /></div>

Once seen, make sure you highlight the above codes.

  • Now go back to your adsense account and copy the adsense for search codes that you generated earlier.
  • Come back to your cpanel file directory (…/public_html/wp-content/themes/carrington-mobile/forms/search.php) where you have highlighted the file above and replace it with the adsense codes.
  • Now replace the above codes with the adsense search bar codes by right click and paste from your mouse paste or Ctr+V from your keyboard.
  • Once pasted on the above highlighted codes.
  • Click Save and you are done.

Testing The Custom Search Bar Result.
Open your mobile phone browser, opera mini etc, type your site url, e.g. and wait for it to load.

google custom search on mobile

Wow! The Google custom search bar is live…

You can now test-run the search form to see that ads are showing to mobile visitors by typing some keywords into the search form and click enter. E.g. Make money and click enter.
Ad should now appear on the search result (DO NOT CLICK YOUR OWN AD, else, you may be at risk of getting your account banned.

Hope you enjoyed it.