International Phone Service / Sim Card with Mobile Card Processing

An International Phone Service / Sim Card with Mobile Card Processing with voice and internet services covering over two hundred Countries. It allows you to use your phone abroad without paying roaming charges. It also empower you to make mobile Visa card transactions and cell phone credit card processing via Net link. It authorizes transaction when the electronic signature is completed and the receipt can be printed locally and or sent to the credit card holder’s email address.

mobile credit card processor

Most cell phone suppliers will not be able to extend service into 200 countries and if they ever do, roaming charges are for sure. For minimal cost entry no contract service Android Factory Direct Roam4less World Telephone service features a number from your home area code that can be employed around the planet. This feature will allow you to forward your home, office and cell phone numbers to the Android Factory World service without taking on any long distance fees or roaming charges. The telephone incorporates 2 Sim slots providing the user flexibility of using the Net while talking on the telephone and or tablet at the very same time.

GSM and CDMA . The GSM Service providers in the USA include T-Mobile and AT&T. S. Telephone functions for Android 2.2 included G.P.S, Radio, Mobile Television, Video, Camera, Desk clock, Calculator and over 100,000 free and paid Apps from Google App store. The concept is to increase memory and function of the Android device as Android Application would need.

Addition when the World telephone capability is utilized with credit card machines mobile Visa card transactions can be performed over Net link by cell-phone to Processors and banks for cell phone credit cards processing. Swipe device when used with Android Phones and Capsules should accept Mastercard transactions which have been encrypted.

In this way mobile Visa card transactions are guarded from haςking. For App Development Range of Work & Quote you can visit Android Factory Direct Mobile Credit Card Processing for more.


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  1. Information on cell phone credit card processing says

    This Sim card is surely going to be very much helpful in all the areas of the world and also for the people who want to do transactions over the Internet globally and internationally.

  2. Vina Rodriguez says

    This sim card is the answer for all our roaming problems. There is always an issue about roaming and sometimes, it gets really expensive. This one is the most convenient way for us to communicate with our loved ones when we go abroad.

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