How to use Samsung Galaxy Android Phone as Modem (USB Tethering Method)

To use Samsung Galaxy phone as modem. You need to have Samsung Kies PC suit software installed in your PC just like Nokia suit. Firstly, you need to check that your PC has WiFi receiver before you can use your Samsung Galaxy Android phone as a modem using USB cable which is known as USB tethering. Tethering is used to share internet connection from your Android smartphone to other phones or PCs. We have two types of tethering namely, USB tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot tethering. But I will discuss only USB Tethering in this post

Samsung Galaxy as Modem

To use your smartphone as modem, the following steps will work:

#1:  Download and install Samsung Kies PC suite software in your Computer. Download it from Samsung Manuals & Tools.
#2.  On the site, key in your phone model no (i.e. GT-S6102 for Samsung Galaxy Y Duos) into the search form provided to search and select the software platform for your PC. Windows or Mac.
#3:  Install the special Drivers for your Galaxy model in your PC.
#4:  Once successfully installed. Boot your PC and plug your Android phone to the PC using USB cable.
#5:  Enable USB tethering in your Galaxy Android phone by going to Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> “Tethering and portable hotspot Menu” and tap on it to connect.
#6:  Now you are Done!. Check to see that your PC is now connected to the internet using your phone as internet modem. You can now brow the internet on your PC using your Galaxy phone as a modem.


Lets here from you if this method works or not….


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