How To Screenshot With PC

You used to see photos and image screenshots of PC. You also see me using screenshot on my posts 😀 . But you don’t know how to take screenshots of those desired image on PC.

Taking screenshot on PC does not require any special software. You only need a PC and image editing software just to beautify the image.

It is very useful cos it will always speak as evidence of any claim or point you are stressing to make.

take screenshot with PC

Here is how to screenshot with PC

Maybe you are playing games and want to snap it or you want to display your bank account details or any other thing for proof.

Just do the following:

#1. Press “PrtSc” (Print Screen Sys Rq) at the top row (top right) of your computer keyboard.

Note: on some laptops, you must press down “fn button + Prt Sc button” to screenshot

#2. Open any image editing software on your pc such as Coral Draw, Photoshop, Paint, Fireworks , Pixlr etc.

#3. Press Ctrl + V on the pc keyboard to paste the image.

#4. Edit the image to your taste and save.

Your screenshot is now ready to be shared with friends and business colleagues.

Hope you find the post on “How to take a screenshot on a pc” very useful.

Cheers ❗

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