How To Save Battery Life Of Mobile Phone

Battery life (Power) has been a big challenge to mobile phone users, Your phone sometimes go off unexpectedly maybe in the middle of an important business deal with your new client. Though you heard the beeps but couldn’t just interrupt him with “I had a low battery” and leave a bad impression. You were hoping the battery would hold up till the conversation completed within a few minute… and the next was warning message… until silence!

how to save battery lifeOr maybe your phone went dead just as you were typing to apologize to your fiancé who just accused you of dropping the call on her. Cos you believe she’s going to go away thinking you cut her off!

You could do one of the four things; Take your anger to its illogical conclusion and through your phone into the thrash bin, gutter, or the lagoon… Otherwise, you could calm down, buy a brand new battery and help maximize the battery life by taking these simple 7 Winning Ways on How to save battery life of mobile phone precautions as follows:

#1.  Charge your new battery till its completely full. And use up all the power till its completely flat (empty) before charging again.
Do this at least 3 consecutive times on any newly battery purchased.

#2.  Sometimes your battery charger will have difficulty charging a new battery and may stop before it is fully charged. Should this happen, Remove the battery and re-insert it.
Do this until your battery gets fully charged. Don’t fret if it takes a while. Phone experts say it’s a normal occurrence in new batteries. However, if after 4 to 5 cycles of 12 hour recharge and your phone still reads “low battery” its never going to work!

#3.  As a rule, especially when you buy a new battery.
Never charge the battery until it is very flat (completely empty). Some people “top up” their battery cos of fear of power outage at those critical moments when they would need to recharge the battery.
If you do, this will make your battery suffer from “memory effect”. i.e. Your battery forgets its original capacity level. So that if you usually save up only 30% of its capacity before the next charge, your battery will get accustomed to it and forget its extra 70% capacity which has remained unused.
So once it get to that level you used to refill it, it will go down and message “low battery” and eventually go off.

#4.  Do not leave your batteries dormant for longer periods. If your battery is not used for too long, treat it like like a new battery and recharge it according to step 1 when you decide to use it. Otherwise, the battery will damage.

#5.  Make sure to keep battery away from heat, direct sunlight and metal objects.

#6.  Do not use your phone while battery is still charging. It is best to switch off phone while charging.
Also don’t leave your battery charger permanently in the power socket, remove charger after each recharge circle.

#7.  Clean the battery contacts with some cotton wool soaked in alcohol such as spirit now and then.

By keeping these simple steps on How To Save Battery Life Of Mobile Phone, you will enjoy your phone with little or no battery misbehaviour. The same method is how to save iphone battery life and so on

Hope you find the How To Save Battery Life Of Mobile Phone useful!


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