How To Increase 2go Star Progress For Free

This is just fun! For 2go lovers who wants to know How To Increase 2go Star Progress free. Despite that there are various means of boasting 2go star, this is just one straight forward way to achieve that. If you chat using 2go application, you would have noticed that you will be spending some bucks daily to increase 2go rank.

Normally, to increase 2go star rapidly, you will be spending up to 1000 gocredit and above daily for room chat and other 2go activities just for you to increase 2go rank from one star level to another. Though there are various means of boasting 2go star but this trick works fine and is free without you spending a single gocredit.

how to increase 2go rank

So lets see how to increase 2go star rapidly.

If you want to know How To Increase 2go Star Progress For Free which is one of the best of various means of boasting 2go star then follow the steps below…

  1. Login in to your 2go account every night for at least 2 consecutive weeks (you should do this when your phone is less used, i.e when you want to go to bed.
  2. When you login, no need to chat with anyone or to enter into 2go rooms cos doing so will cost you some go credits.
  3. Change your status mode to away or offline (this is just how you seem to friends to avoid distractions, you are still online 100%).
  4. Do this for 2 weeks nonstop, and see how your 2go Star Progress will jump from one level to another.

It works very well even if you have 0 go credits, if you also have go credits lets say 1000 gocredits, your go credits will remain untouched while your 2go star level will continue to fly.



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