Get FREE Airtel 10MB Daily and 25MB Weekly Data Bundle For Internet Browsing

Airtel Nigeria is at it again giving out Free 10MB daily data bundle and Free 25MB weekly data bundle for Free Browsing to their subscribers.

This free internet browsing data bundles is not the popular free browsing tweaks we all knew about cos the free 10mb or 25mb will be activated on the sim card to enable it work with any phone and computer the sim card is inserted into and anyone that can check balance on his/her phone can get it.

As some of us know, Airtel Nigeria, a leading GSM service provider in Nigeria has been a generous telecom company.

airtel free 25mb and free 10mb for free browsing

Airtel has been showering their customers with unlimited freebies and incentives all along.

A few months back I and other million Nigerians enjoyed the following freebies from Airtel:

* Free 4GB data worth N10,000 for 30 days.

* Free 1GB 30 days unlimited.

Free BlackBerry social plan worth N3,000 on Airtel network.

* Free 3GB data worth of N8,000. To mention but a few. 😀

And now the Network has come up with another FREE data bundle plan offer which includes: 10MB daily data bundle worth N100 and 25MB weekly data bundle worth N400. Isn’t that generosity? Of course it is!

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How To Get The Airtel Free Data Plan

Steps to Get FREE Airtel 10MB Daily and 25MB Weekly Data Bundle For Internet Browsing If you are already Airtel subscriber simply follow the instructions below to activate the data plan right away and begin to browse the internet free. If you are not already a subscriber, go get a new sim card, register and activate it, then send S phone type in sms and send to 232 for automatic configuration of your phone.

E.g. “S Nokia E5” and send to 232 or call customer care on 111.

Then do the following To Enjoy The Freebie:

  1. Dial *141*712*001# to get 10MB (N100 worth) data bundle for 24 hours data plan only.
  2. Dial *141*712*007# to get 25MB (N400 worth) data bundle for 7 days data plan.
  3. Dial *141*712*0# To check your data bundle balance.

Repeat the process after the active data bundle expires and continue cruising… 😆



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