If you are among the folks owning Payoneer mastercard, you would’ve noticed that its even more difficult to  fund Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard as payoneer has no direct funding method neither can you deposit money to your payoneer mastercard using bank account. You may be searching all over the net for how to transfer money to Payoneer Master Card with no answer. That is a big challenge facing people using payoneer debit card, right! And I bet you cannot find payoneer mastercard direct funding tips even if you search the web till next year! To make matter worst, you have come to conclude that it’s impossible to transfer money to Payoneer Cards directly.

how to fund payoneer mastercard

You will agree with me that the only known method of putting money into payoneer master card is by earning money through the payoneer partner that offered you the card and have the partner pay you using the payoneer card, like freelancer, infolinks, friendfinder and so on. Now, what if you couldn’t make money from the payoneer partner for the next 6 months? That means your payoneer card will be lying domant and wasting away.

Enough of that talks…

Lets now find a way we can fund payoneer mastercard within 2 hours.This is the same method I have been using to deposit money to my payoneer debit card for the past 1 year. Hope you’re interested?

Unbelievable! Ok, I can prove to you that funding payoneer card is not as difficult as you think. If you wanna learn how, then continue, make sure you read, understand and follow everything I put down in this post, otherwise, just close the page and continue searching after all, google search is free to use.

This post is for those already own payoneer mastercard debit card but are unable to fund their cards. If you are looking for how to get payoneer mastercard debit card for online payments, atm cash withdrawals and other purposes, I suggest you read the post I made on How I Got Payoneer MasterCard and following the tips to obtain your own payoneer mastercard, then come back and continue with this post…


  • How to fund payoneer mastercard debit card.

To deposit money to payoneer mastercard, you need the following tools.

  1. Existing Payoneer MasterCard Debit Card.
  2. Liberty Reserve Account.
  3. InstaForex  Forex Trading Account.

Why do you need all three?

#1.     You need existing Payoneer mastercard cos that is the mastercard we will deposit money into. Without you having existing payoneer card, there will be no card to be funded.

#2.    You also need instaforex trading account cos they are one of the payoneer partners that pay you money through payoneer mastercard. And that is what we will be using for this transaction.

As we all know: you can not apply for payoneer card directly, you must go through one of their partners. While there are other partners, I prefer instaforex cos of its flexibility. They allow you to use various payment proccessors to make deposit and withdraw money from your forex trading account.

PS: You need instaforex live trading account for the funding ONLY, it does not matter whether you trade forex or not, just register a forex trading account with them. Instaforex allows you to deposit money in your account and withdraw your money even WITHOUT TRADING FOREX, therefore we will be using instaforex to fund payoneer master card.

#3.    Liberty Reserve Account: we shall be using this to transfer money to instaforex account. Even though there are many instaforex accredited partners that fund instaforex account, I recommend using liberty reserve to fund instaforex account because, if you choose to use instaforex agents, the agent will lock your forex account to their service and by so doing, you won’t be able to fund or withdraw money from your account using any other means order than that particular agent. You know what that mean? They may decide to sell $$$ to you at any rate they like and buy yours at any rate they like and you have no choice than to accept whatever they offer you cos you are limited. But by using liberty reserve, you are free to choose and use any liberty reserve exchanger you feel their funding rate is reasonable and buys your $$ at a reasonable rate also. So, go to www.libertyreserve.com and create account with them and fund the account using any liberty reserve accredited exchanger. Make sure you fund your liberty reserve account with $60 minimum

Now that you have the above three tools in place. Lets now go into the Funding of Payoneer prepaid MasterCard proper!

Go to Instaforex and create a live forex account.

Login to your forex account using your account details (account id & password).

On your account left hand side bar are list of different types of tools and services available for your usage. So from the side bar locate the following functions under Financial operations and click on instaforex mastercard

  • Deposit money
  • Money withdrawal
  • Payment notification
  • InstaForex MasterCard

Proceed to card sign up page and follow the card sign up process as you did when you signed up for your payoneer mastercard at first.

Accept the $15 card fees by checking the box provided (you will not be charged cos you already have a payoneer card).

You are now redirected to payoneer mastercard sign up page “see picture below”.

payoneer mastercard sign up page 123

In this page, look up above the picture by the right hand side, you will see a box with option asking if you already own a payoneer card.

Already applied for a Payoneer account?
If you already applied for a Payoneer card or already own one Click Here!




Date of birth:*

Please type your card number: Help

Please type the code below:*

CAPTCHA code image

Click on it and fill the form with your details such as Username, Password, Date of birth, Card number and anti spam verification code. and proceed. From here your existing payoneer mastercard will be linked to two partner accounts: The partner you registered the card with and instaforex partner (which you just linked now).

The next thing we will look into now is how to deposit money into your instaforex account using Liberty Reserve or any of the instaforex accredited partners…

  • How To Fund Payoneer MasterCard (Proper Funding)

By now, I believe you have opened a forex account with InstaForex – Deposited money using liberty reserve or other agents – Linked your InstaForex account with your payoneer mastercard and so on…so you are ready for funding your mastercard!

Back to instaforex account Like I said earlier, this is what we will use to deposit money into payoneer mastercard. So login to InstaForex using your account details as at first.

Go to left hand side and look for Financial operations. Click on deposit money.

  • Deposit money

  • Money withdrawal
  • Payment notification
  • InstaForex MasterCard

On the account funding page choose Liberty Reserve (if you have not deposited money into your forex trading account).

Transfer funds via Liberty Reserve system
System commission charged, instant enrollment.

You must have some money in your liberty reserve account, I recommend minimum of $60 USD.

Once you are redirected to liberty reserve payment portal, login with your details and transfer the desired amount to your instaforex account.

Now, click on “return to partner” to go back to your instaforex account.

The transfered amount is expected to reflect in your account immediately.

Once the money is deposited to your forex account, proceed to next thing “funding payoneer prepaid master card

From the left side bar of your account, Locate “financial services” again and click on “Deposit Money“.

In the next page choose Payment via InstaForex Debit Card (you will not be charged but payoneer will charge you $2 funding fee for normal funding within 4 business days or $4 for instant funding within 2 hours).

Payment via InstaForex Debit Card
No charge. Processing can take up to 24 hours.

In next page, enter your trading account number, the amount to deposit to the card and your card id. e.g:

*Account number

*Sum in account currency

*Card ID

Preview and verify your order and continue

Once the money is sent to payoneer, you will have to receive the money else it may be canceled after a long period of time. Don’t worry cos payoneer team will send you a notification email informing you that a deposit has been made to your card, you will then be required to accept or reject the deposit. They will advise you on what to do next to receive the money.

You will be given two options to receive the money.

  • Instant funding – This method is faster though cos a little sum of money. If you choose this method (which I recommend) your money will be deposited to your card within 2 hours for a fee of $4 USD.
  • Normal funding – With this method, your money will be deposited to your card within 4 business days, it can take upto 4 working days or less depending.

Note: The minimum amount to transfer to payoneer prepaid mastercard using instaforex is $50, from the $50 USD, transfer charges of $2 or $4 will be deducted while the remaining money will be deposited to your account. The transfer chargers for $50 USD will not exceed $6 USD whether you choose instant daposit or not.

Now that you have successfully transfered money to your payoneer mastercard debit card, the next is spending the money. You can use the card to buy anything online, at POS or withdraw cash from ATM anywhere you see mastercard logo worldwide.

That is how to fund payoneer prepaid mastercard using libert reserve and instaforex accounts. And its the same method I’ve been using to fund mine


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  1. Mehn I’m so happy! yu’ve broken this ish down to the simplest bit!
    Gotta rush and open the instaforex account :)
    Now I won’t wait for infolinks anymore,,, kudos bro! +1 from me :)
    Charles recently posted..Aluu 4 were NOT armed robbers, they were set up – IG of PoliceMy Profile

  2. Hey man,
    Good to see you give nice and helpful info about payoneer. I have been using this service with a lot of satisfaction.

    One very important thing is the fact that you can now get a payoneer mastercard without necessarily going through a partner. I share these details on my blog here: http://emfastincome.com/clickbank-payoneer-mastercard/

    Great tut buddy

  3. Bro thanks for this info. This is great info you have mention here. I could not start my ecommerce site bcuz of this.
    Kingsley recently posted..5 Necessary Tips on Child HealthMy Profile

  4. actually i acquired my own payoneer debit card directly from Payoneer. And they they sed i can fund directly, from another mastercard. That is like transfer of fund from another mastercard to my payoneer debit card

  5. I really don’t have a payoner mastercard just for the fact that i coudn’t fund it.
    Thanks i’ll definitely get one asap and use it. i appreciate
    Derek recently posted..3 Traffic Tips That Actually Worked For MeMy Profile

  6. But can’t demo account fund a payoneer account?
    Mushi recently posted..Ways To Make Money Online Free And FastMy Profile

  7. dLanor

    This method still works?

    I ask it because I saw the following deposit / withdraw restriction on instaforex:
    “Dear clients, we remind that when you withdraw funds via payment systems you should observe the following rule: the payment system as well as the currency of depositing and withdrawal must be the same. ”


    • Hi dLanor, thanks for commenting.

      I don’t think it will do me any favour to spend over 3 hours sitting at the front of computer writing, only to come up with something that doesn’t work… I don’t have such time to waste.

      Like I pointed out earlier in the post, this method works 100% and it’s no tricks. The restrictions you are talking about is for other payment systems like paypal, liberty reserve, perfect money, payza, moneybookers etc which does not allow you to withdraw more than the percent you deposited through the payment system.

      The card withdrawal is different and does not have such restrictions, you are allowed to withdraw money from your trading account to your InstaForex MasterCard even when the money was deposited via other payment systems. E.g. If you deposite via paypal, you can’t withdraw via Liberty Reserve, but if you deposite via paypal, liberty reserve, perfect money etc, you can withdraw all to mastercard.

      That’s what I use.

      Azubuike Ikedionu recently posted..Receive Money To Local Bank Account With Payoneer Global Money TransferMy Profile

      • dLanor

        Thanks for your reply.
        Then the restriction only applies to e-currencies.
        I asked it because I found another methods to fund payoneer with LR that don’t works anymore. Like fund it with centregold.

        Please also correct the following:
        ‘From the left side bar of your account, Locate “financial services” again and click on “Deposit Money“. Change “Deposit Money“ to “Money Withdrawal”


  8. What a nice blog you have Azubike, I love your style. Please make the change from Deposit money to withdraw money as Dlanor suggested. Thanks again for this great info.

  9. I really like this blog this is really helpful I am going to try this. Thanks

  10. Hi Bros,
    Thanks for this post it will go a long way to solve a lot of problems, Please may I ask is there any way to hasten the receipt of the payoneer Card, the time it takes to arrive sometimes is too long for comfort beside the time it takes for the card to be approved. Can I ask them to send it via courier service that I can pay for?
    Thanks for your time.

  11. Abdallah mohammed elroby says:

    hey ,
    i entered instaforex website and i’ve read that they don’t allow users to make deposit from payment system and withdraw from another .
    please tell me i can do it now so i can fund my payoneer card cuz i need money.

    thanks in advance and thanks for this great post :) :) :)

    • Hi Abdallah, it seems you did not read my post and the above comments very well.

      Yes InstaForex does not allow clients to deposit money with one payment processor (e.g. Liberty Reserve) and withdraw using another payment processor (e.g. PayPal). You must withdraw the percent of what you deposited using the same payment processor (Liberty Reserve to Liberty Reserve).

      Nevertheless, you are allowed to withdraw any money deposited with payment processors (PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Payza, Perfect Money, Money Bookers etc) to your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

      Take for instance, I once deposited money using Liberty Reserve but when I wanted to withdraw the money using PayPal, I was restricted but I went ahead and withdrew the same money I deposited with Liberty Reserve to my Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard and it was successful (I’ve been using this method since then)

      Hope you now understand it?

      • Abdallah Mohammed Elroby says:

        Thanks so Much :) :) ……. I Really Appreciate your great effort sir :) :) ……….. Thanks sooooooooo Much :D :D

  12. Funding your Payoneer card for the first time can also easily be done
    through FriendFinders affiliate network. You know what ‘affiliate marketing’
    program or affiliate program is?
    FriendFinder per Member Payout affiliate program pays you $1.00 to $2.00
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  13. The Pinoy Web says:

    Hi, I think transfer funds from liberty reserve to instaforex is not possible. Liberty Reserve has been shutdown by United States Global Illicit Financial Team because of money laundering.
    The Pinoy Web recently posted..5 Exclusive WordPress Themes For All Your Blogging Needs Volume 3My Profile

  14. INYANG INYANG says:

    hi, i have register my payoneer card as u directed but on the deposit page am ask for my card ID. (what is card ID and what format am i going to write) pls reply promptly. Tanx

  15. Hello there Azubuike, Can you tell me how much do you withdraw to your payoneer master card from Instaforex becasue I want to do a transaction up to $5K from Instaforex to Payoneer so it is secure ? I talked them in Live Chat they said I have to do trade minmum 2 weeks to able to withdraw in Payoneer. What you think Azubuike I want to know your vision. And friend instead of Liberty Reserve use STP to fund Instaforex because they added STP too. Thank You, waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Marvin, Sorry for the late reply, I would advice you not to withdraw the whole $5k once as they may not allow you. Just split it into 3 or 4 and place your withdrawal order.

      Also, they asking you to trade first beore you can make withdrawal is not true. Of cause they are in business and want you to do bisuness with them before the withdrawal, but it is not a must. You can make a withdrawal without trading.

      Azubuike Ikedionu recently posted..7 Sure Signs Your Blog Requires A MakeoverMy Profile

  16. Thanks,I hvnt receive mine but have applied, please how do u customise your infolinks ad to be responsive on mobile view

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