How To Copy / Paste Text With Opera Mini 7.0 and Opera Mobile 12.0 Browsers

One of the biggest challenges facing most users of Opera mini 7 and Opera Mobile 12 browsers in recent time has been the ability to Copy And Paste Texts with The New Opera Mini Mobile 7.0 and Opera Mobile Browser 12.0 on their mobile phones.

Starting from Opera Mini Mobile 5.1 and above, there has been simplicity when copying and pasting texts into a form box, cos you are given a simple option to follow.

As a matter of fact. This was the main challenge I faced after I upgraded from Opera Mini 6.5 to Opera Mini 7.0, and from Opera Mobile 11.5 to Opera Mobile Browser 12.0 on my Nokia E5. I just discovered that there is no option for me to paste any text copied from clickboard etc into the form box where I want it pasted as I used to do with Opera Mini Mobile browser 6.5 and Opera Mobile 11.5.
I became disappointed cos when I select the options button in Operamini 6.5, Opera mobile 11.5, it will simply suggest “paste” to me. But with Operamini 7.0 and OperaMobile 12.0 such option is not available. You are given only 3 options: Done, Go and Cancel, this made me to cancel several texts, so I began regretting why I updated the browser application in the first place.

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Solution Found.
Well, since there is no going back, I decided to dig further till I finds solution to my problem. I was so surprised to notice that the answer to the problem is just a simple one, so I’m happy now that i found it.

What Did I Do To Paste Texts With Opera Mini 7.0 and Opera Mobile 12.0?
To paste / copy text with Opera Mobile 12.0 or Opera Mini 7.0 into any form be it post, comment, compose form etc, simply do this:

  1. Point your mouse to the area you want to paste the copied text.
  2. Press key No 1 on your mobile phone keypad.
  3. A dialogue box will appear with 4 options which include: A’ Copy. B’ Cut. C’ Paste and D’ Select Text.
  4. Scroll down to Paste and press Ok. And that’s all, the copied text will immediately appear in the form where you want to include text in opera mobile

To Copy Text With Opera Mini 5.1, Opera Mini 6.5, Opera Mini 7.0 or Opera Mobile 12.0 etc.

  1. Open the page and scroll to where you want to copy.
  2. Press key No 1 on your phone keypad, and a dialogue box will appear.
  3. Select you start point by moving the mouse to where you want to start copying from.
  4. Click “start“, then select all texts to be copied by moving the mouse.
  5. Click Use to use the copied text.
  6. 3 options will appear which are: Copy, Search, Search with. Select copy option to copy the text or other options depending on what you want to do with the selected text.

Then if you are using a high-end mobile phone like symbian, Blackberry, etc. You can simply press and hold “shift key” with one hand, then press enter with the other hand.

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That’s all for now….
Thanks for learning How To Copy / Paste Text With Opera Mini 7.0 and Opera Mobile 12.0 Browsers.