Google PageRank Revealed, How To Calculate Page Rank

Is no longer news, knowing the google pagerank calculation formula, as Google PageRank calculation has been revealed. What is PageRank? You asked! PageRank is numerical ranking value between 0 to 10 which is provided by Google search engine to show the quality and impotance of websites. Google Page rank calculation formula is basically calculated only using external links  therefore, it is not wise passing out a lot of link juice to outbound links as this will drain your PR weight and make you to rank PR1 when you should be ranking PR3 and above.

google pagerank formula

External links contain two types of links, they are inbound links (backlinks) and outbound links. And while increasing the inbound links our page rank volume also slightly increase. Read more about how to handle Inbound Links and Outbound Links for maximum ranking of your page.

Each Google PageRank, which you see as a green bar in your Google Toolbar (which looks like the one below:) has its own hidden weight, which is not shown in the toolbar. In the table below you can see that each PR has 5 times more weight, than the previous PR. google pagerank progress bar

How To Calculate Page Rank Of A Web Page

To calculate Google PR of a page, you need to pay a very close attention to the table and texts below.

  • Google PR of the Backlink Page
  • PR Weight of the Backlink Page
Google PR of the
Backlink Page
PR Weight of the
Backlink Page
PR0 1
PR1 5
PR2 25
PR3 125
PR4 625
PR5 3,125
PR6 15,625
PR7 78,125
PR8 390,625
PR9 1,953,125
PR10 9,765,625

This means that if you got (buy) a backlink on Page A following to your Page B, then your page will get the following PR weight: PR weight of Page A / number of outbound links on Page A – 15% = weight, passed to your Page B – this is the formula! (Note: we didn’t invent this formula. You can find the same, but more difficult explanation of Google PR formula on other pages.

For example, if you have a backlink on PR6 page with 25 outbound links, then your page will get the following PR weight: 15,625 (weight of PR6 page) / 26 outbound links (25 existing links, plus your link will become 26th outbound link) – 15% = 510.82 passed PR weight. This weight will be added to your current page’s weight.

If your page is PR0 (which is 1 weight), then it will become PR3 in the next Google PR update. Why PR3? Link from PR6 page passed 510.82 weight to your page, and if you take a look in the above table, you’ll see that to get PR4, you need to have 625 weight. Since your page has only 511.82 weight, it will get a PR3.

Now, let’s take a look at another example for you to see how important the number of outbound links of a page is. For example, if you get a backlink on PR6 page with only 1 outbound link, then your page will get the following PR weight: 15,625 (weight of PR6 page) / 2 (your link will become 2nd outbound link) – 15% = 6,640.62 weight. If your page is currently PR0, such backlink will increase your page PR to PR5 in the next Google PR update!

All this means that when linking to a page for a backlink or purchasing backlinks from a page, you need to consider not only Google PR of that page, but also the number of outbound links on that page. This is even more important cos it determines the PR weight that is passed to your page!

How To Find PR And Outbound Links Of A Page.

This can be difficult as you need to use SEO services to find out a page’s link and pagerank condition. This is what LinksManagement does for you, LinksManagement calculates PR weight of a backlink page and shows it to you in their Find & Buy Links Interface in the Passed PR Weight column. Therefore, you may consider buying links with the highest Google PR weight & increase your site PR to the Next Level.

Get Account With BackLibks Management

If you don’t have a Back Links Management account yet, you can sign up free through the above link to find out more about their PR4-PR8 contextual link building service.

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Keep Ranking!

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