Glimpse of iPhone 6 under development

Here’s the review of the most anticipated iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 sets to have a triple stronger Gorilla Glass

The latest edition of Gorilla glass which is three times the strength is said to service this awaited high-class smartphones. The anticipation of many is that this component that will complete the physical attribute of the upcoming iPhone 6. This is believed to pave the way of the latest generation for high-end and innovative handsets.

According to the post of 9to5Mac’s Seth Weintraub last March2012, Corning and Apple’s rapport has been masked in mystery. The name of the glass-maker was not even mentioned even once in Apple’s marketing material. It was not also included in the list of Apple’s suppliers.

However, on the 2nd of March 2012, Apple made a public announcement of its US Jobs report, including this information that mentioned about Corning’s employees, both of Kentucky and New York, who’ve done the majority of glass-works for iPhone.

On the other hand, Gorilla Glass has been featured in each iPhone series since iPhone 4 slump down, way back in year 2010.

iPhone 6 under development

iPhone 6 sets to be a high-end iPhone

With no hint of irony, there’s a post from BGR saying that Apple is going to launch not just only one but more than, iPhone series by the middle of 2013.  According to the report from BGR’s Zach Epstein, Apple’s will be launching its latest and higher-end iPhone most probably not later than June of the year, and also, that the manufacturer could also be working with low-end models as well.

See! Apple will not only just offer the market with its low-priced iPhone 6 models but also with the most expensive and high –priced iPhone 6.

It has been said in the BGR report, written by Walkley that Apple could possibly launch the high-end model of iPhone versus the usual September-October setting for the latest launch of iPhone. It was also believed that Apple potentially could release its designed iPhone (lower-end), which basically targets on the price sensitive prepaid markets.  These markets which were identified as the Latin America, Eastern Europe and China would tend to have massive and greater requirement for such 3G iPhones obtainable in a very low price.

With all probability, the next more expensive iPhone which is the iPhone 6 features a most sophisticated and much bigger screen compared to the previous series. It is also believed to be of excellent high definition w/ IGZO, comes in Gorilla Glass 3 or 4 maybe, have bigger battery, quad-core processor, and kaleidoscopic colors.

iPhone 6 demonstrates deep-seated redesign; just an iPod nano look alike

The set image for the probable new iPhone 6 model has been designed and shaped based on the supposed test prototype. This demonstrates the same shape to that of the latest model of iPod nano.

iPhone 6, more cheaper than iPhone 5 however it is much bigger

This might be very confusing or just so.  As with the iOSphere standards, rumors comes as, the smaller the cheaper, while the bigger the higher in price, bigger yet cheaper and the more expensive it is, the smaller it is.

However, there seems to have a bit twist with the iOSphere. There are those claiming that they’ve taken a glimpse of what the low-cost iPhone look like, saying it will come with an even larger screen display.  This implies that the rumored iPhone mini refers not to its dimension but to its price.

So what’s the possible reasons behind this alleged cheaper and yet bigger iPhone 6?  The escalation in the sales of iPad mini perhaps has given out the motion for Apple to bring out cheaper cost of iPhones.

On the other hand, a more advanced feature presently wraps up the much awaited release of the latest Apple series, the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 features fingerprint scanning

It’s been presumed that this upcoming and high-end smart phone is going to have the application of technology for fingerprint scanning, a more exciting thing to add up. This application for fingerprint scanning which is said to be integrated in iPhone 6 could provide an even tighter security in the mobile network, as it allows the user to  replace his/her username and password with his fingerprints. Through this feature, users are allowed to authenticate their identity on the phone in a very proficient manner.



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