MTN 100% Recharge Bonus Reward Is Tricky

MTN Nigeria says Talk and Text for free from 12am Saturday to 11:59pm Sunday when you recharge with N200 or more from Monday to Sunday and get MTN 100% bonus!

In the above text, MTN claimed they are giving out 100 per cent free bonus on recharge of N200 and above, which I see as one of their tricks to get people into the rush of loading airtime for their poor network service.

As far as I know, this MTN 100% recharge bonus is nothing but a bunch of lies, yes they give 100 per cent free recharge bonus, but what is in the package of that bonus? What do you get?

mtn 100 recharge bonus

Well, as Nigerian business firm, you don’t expect much from them cos they know how to trick customers, all that you are given in the bonus package when your load N200 airtime are N50 call credit for MTN to MTN calls and N150 sms credit for MTN to MTN sms. Which means if you load 10 pieces of N200 airtime in a week, you will be given N500 voice call credit and N1500 sms credit to use only on saturday and sunday. How does it sound? They are simply using tricks on us. Where on earth can one use up 300 sms units within the same network in 2 days?

Had it been the bonus is for working days, you can decide to use it for business transactions but for weekends, it’s not useful as far as I’m concerned.

You see, MTN and their likes always give Nigerians ridiculous offers and bonuses instead of quality service.

They once offered free midnight calls and later free midnight browsing for daily subscription fee of N20 and other ridiculous offers. How can one keep wake just to browse instead of having night rest after the daily huddles?

It is now 11 years since the introduction of GSM in Nigeria, yet we still suffer network outage, high tariff charges on voice calls, sms and data usage and other telephone services.

I know that in UK unlimited browsing and unlimited downloads + unlimited sms + about 300 minutes voice calls goes for around €9 which is about N2000, but 1gb of data (only) in Nigeria is sold for N3000.

I suggest that these Mobile Telecom service providers concentrate on improving the network quality of their services and stop deceiving us with all sorts of flamboyant bonuses. I hope you find reason why MTN 100% Recharge Bonus Reward Is Tricky, and I can’t fall for them.