Free Web Hosting, Free Domain Name Advantages and Disadvantages

Choosing the right web hosing company can be difficult. Perhaps you are the type who is interested getting free webhosting and free web design for your new website. You want to test the cool breeze of the great WWW before you can start investing money into your website, so you’re planning to use the cheapest and free web hosting service possible to get started with. Before you continue, there are things to learn about free web hosting, free domain name advantages and disadvantages.

While there are some advantages to using a free services, such as no charge to put up a website and sometimes you can adjust its templates to fit your site needs, there are also some disadvantages of using free hosting service and free domain name.

“At the end of this post I ll give you some free domain name registrars and free web hosting you can host your site with”

Now let’s take a look at these four major disadvantages of free web hosting and free web design so you can make the right decision before at the right time.

advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting

Free web hosting advantages and disadvantages.

1. No Full Ownership.

With free web hosting and webdesign, you have no ownership right over your site, though its your site. The host can remove your account at any time without notice or warning and you can do nothing about it.

Free things do come and go without notice, so will your website / blog if you’re not careful.

You don’t have control over what happens to your site, lets say the site host was to fold or decides to sell the hosting company to another company.

It’s Your Small Business!

Imagine yourself spending months or even years working on your website design outlook, building some web pages, making good posts (if its blog, blogger or blogspot), building countless backlinks, doing SEO as well as a following of targeted visitors, only to have it removed within seconds without warning. For personal sites this might not really mean much harm; however, with a business site it’s a risk you can’t afford to take cos you will lose all you have labored for.

  1. Your Are Limited.

With free hosting you will be limited to certain features, this will also limit your chances of growing big.

Take for instance you want to place some advert ads of yours, or sell some ads space to some other companies. Most free host do not support this.

You are limited in bandwidth and Disc Space as some gives you a very little disc space and bandwidth.

You may not be allowed to use custom domain e. g., instead you will allowed with the choice of sub domain e. g. which doesn’t speak good about your site.

You may not be able to create custom email (

Your site is prone to virus attacks, this as a result of hosting so many sites on the same server, if other sites get attacked from the server it will affect yours too.

3.  Ads, Banners Might Overtake Your Site:

Most hosting company advertising “free web design and free web hosting” aren’t really for free! They are into some advertise business and uses those free sites to sell their ads. Though might not have a problem with this if your site / blog is for personal use only. But with a site that’s designed to sell products / services, those ads can be a problem to you.

Customer Trust and Confidence.

Those ads might be displayed in areas of your site where you wouldn’t want them to appear. They might flash or move around to catch the attention of your visitors and can distract your visitors.

It can hinder sales, divert visitors / traffic away or cause visitors to think your site is not professional.

Some visitors might recognize it as a free website and question your company’s trustworthiness (this really s*ucks).

Advertising on your site may include competitors’ ads or some offensive ads that you wouldn’t ordinarily want displayed on your site. but you can’t do anything about it cos you got no control over these ads and where they might seem!

  1. The Overall Service Is Always Poor

When you get anything for free (just like some cheap stuffs) don’t expect much good service from it. Your site might be going ON and OFF as a result of server downtime, this happens a lot with free web hosting service. This means when visitors try to go to your site, they’ll receive an error message stating that the site’s server is down, temporary out of service or similar error message that’s annoying.

You also might experience some problems with your site’s design, forms, graphics themes, etc. The host of such companies is likely not ready to help you in anything. This is because they often have thousands of users hosted on their free services and can’t afford to attend to all of them.

They also pay less attention to free account owners compared to the paid users.

Paid Web hosting vs Free web hosting:

Consider the gains and loses mentioned above before ever you begin designing your site and hosting it with a free service. If you own a business, the best way to make it big with a website or blog business is to pay for hosting, design and a domain name so you can set up a professional report from the start.

You can visit Hostgator for qaulity web hosting service, there are other good hosts you can trust your business with, just google them, review them see if you can coupe with them.

List of Free Domain Registrar And Free Web Hosting:

  2. Free Hosting
  3. Free Hosting.
  5. .tk

Now that you know free web hosting, free domain name advantages and disadvantages the choice is yours to make.

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    Thanks for this write up, I think it is informative. But one more point; When you are using a free hosting and domain your clients think you are so cheap and can not afford to pay for the best. That is why I will like to introduce you to because their service is affordable and reliable.

    • says

      Hi Nihinlade,you made a very good point and the introduction of your hosting company is a good idea. However, I will like to point out that your disc space and bandwidth space are just too small for blog except for begginers, My site would consume that space in less than 24 hours.


  2. Web experts says

    Free webhosting and free domain has some advantages, nevertheless, it’s not advisable for any serious minded business person to go for free hosting and free domain as it is unreliable just as you rightly said.



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