Download WhatsApp Messenger For Nokia s40 Java Phone

Whatsapp Messenger is a smartphone chat app that brings BBM features to Smartphones. It’s latest update brought WhatsApp Messenger for Nokia s40 java phone users. Whatsapp Chat for Nokia Java Phones is available for free download. The Instant Messaging app was earlier targeted on high-end / cross-platform smartphones such as iPhone, Android phones, Windows and Blackberry devices, with support for instant messaging exchange, allowing you send and receive SMS messages, pictures, exchange of videos and audio, share your location from map with your contacts etc.

Before now, you only download WhatsApp for blackberry, or for android, and iPhones. I even heard people asking for how to download whatsapp free for iPhone which I doubt it’s possibility cos there’s no free app on iTuns.
Some also wants to download whatsapp for iPad 2 though I wrote a tutorial on iPod touch. WhatsApp download is also available for Windows Mobile and Nokia symbian phone. But now the story is difference cos you can now enjoy WhatsApp on s40 mobile phones .

WhatsApp is now available for Nokia s40 phone and can be downloaded for free. This was made possible when WhatsApp guys made their last updates few months ago.

whatsapp messenger for nokia s40 java phone

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WhatsApp Messenger for Nokia S40 Java Phones.

If you are using a newer version Nokia java phone, you are on advantage to Download WhatsApp Messenger to your java phone and start chatting free with friends and family.

Availability of Whatsapp chat depends on your type of Nokia java s40 phone.

Currently, the following models of Nokia S40 phones are WhatsApp supported.

Take a look at bellow to see if the model of your Nokia s40 java phone falls in to list of newly included Nokia java phones for whatsapp messenger

  • WhatsApp for Nokia C3-00
  • WhatsApp for Nokia C3-01
  • WhatsApp for Nokia X2-00
  • WhatsApp for Nokia X2-01
  • WhatsApp for Nokia X3-02
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 201
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 300
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 302
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 303
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 306 
  • WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 311

At the time of this post, The Messenger is working perfectly on the Nokia java phones listed above, you can read a full list of WhatsApp supported mobile phones.

How To Download WhatsApp Messenger for Nokia S40 Java Phone.

To get the WhatsApp application running on your Nokia s40 java phone, click on whatsapp messenger for S40, save the file once downloaded and run on your phone. Make sure you enter all the required information such as phone number, name etc and save.

Enjoy Free chat with WhatsApp messenger!

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