HostGator Wants You Back, Offers 75% off Unlimited Hosting Plans

HostGator offers 75% off to all those who has left them for other web hosting companies due to some reasons best known to them, but not limited to new accounts if you signup using the gator 75%off special link in this post. HostGator wants you back with a whopping 75$ off any hosting package of your Continue Reading

Launch of Kaymu Affiliate Program; An Easier way to Make Money

As Online shopping in Nigeria spreads like wild fire, with proliferation of e-commerce platforms offering different business models, one of which is Kaymu, Nigeria’s leading online marketplace similar to eBay. Kaymu platform gives buyers access to a wide variety of quality products at the most Continue Reading

How To Recover Fast from Google Spam Manual Actions

Google finally had decides to kill link building through their latest manual actions which is been applied to almost every website that gives out link juice. Though, I doubt if ones site is actually been reviewed manually before the spam action is applied as the name of the penalty sounds. But my Continue Reading

Clarification of Internet Commerce Advantages

The presence of the Internet is becoming increasingly definite as individuals are becoming computer-literate. An Internet marketing campaign is valuable for businesses to make their advertising impact. Since knowledge of the industry is vital to a business's success, a good network solution is Continue Reading

7 Sure Signs Your Blog Requires A Makeover

It is easy to create a blog today. Not very many steps are involved and just about anyone can do it. But if your blog was made some time ago, it probably is time to give your blog a makeover. Change can be good. Here are seven signs that it's time. Make Them Love Your Content and They Will Spread Continue Reading

3 Steps to Preparing a Dynamite Social Media Launch in Singapore

Once you've built up an engaged and active community around your brand, it's tempting to dive right in and launch a contest, loyalty program, or giveaway. But wait! Just like you approached building your community with a plan, so too should you put some thought into preparing your launch. Social Continue Reading

Wondering How to Pick a Domain Name? Here are 4 Tips

One of the most challenging things about creating a website is figuring out what to call it. Millions of domain names have already been claimed. But, there are a million more possibilities. Words and word combinations are numerous. The trick is to pick words that best represent what your site or Continue Reading

Turn Your Blog Into A Business

Blogging can be a great way to pass the time and share your experiences and expertise with others. For most bloggers, their blog is just a hobby, something they do on the weekends or a few times per month. But did you know that you could easily turn your hobby blog into a profitable business? If Continue Reading