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How You can use Your Cell Phone to Earn Money

Cell phone

You may have invested a huge sum for your smartphone and while you are enjoying using and exploring its new features, you may also be ignoring a feature that can be extremely beneficial to you and help you earn some good dough. You may not realize it but you can earn good money from your smartphone. The obvious reaction would be to sell it off, but earning money from your smartphone does not, in … [Read more...]

Picking the Best PAYG Plan

best paygo plan

When looking for your best mobile phone plan, there are a number of things to consider. The type of phone you want, how (and how much) you plan to use your phone, and how much you want, and can afford, to pay all come into consideration.  Of course in making these determinations, you’ll have to decide which is the best type of plan for you: a pay as you go (PAYG), pay monthly contract, or Sim-only … [Read more...]

The Mobile Phones That Will Shape 2014

samsung galaxy s5

Ever year comes with a string of new mobile phones that will cause excitement throughout the entire industry, and 2014 looks to be no exception to this. But what are the phones that will shape our lives this year? Read on to find out about the most advanced and stylish models ready for release. 1 Samsung Galaxy S5 Arguably the most anticipated of all mobile phones waiting to be released is … [Read more...]

Fast Download For Blackberry Using UcWeb Browser!!!


Most Blackberry Users are seriously complaining about the slow speed of downloading on their Blackberry, If you want a Fast Downloading Speed on BB, Then Ucweb should solve your Problem. Though some users still have Issues using Ucweb on their Blackberry, The Scope is that it requires a little Configuration from you, Lets go. STEP 1. Download UC Browser for Blackberry … [Read more...]

How To Root Tecno N3 Android Phones!!!


REQUIREMENTS 1.Poot 2.Ministro II library 3. Superuser 4.Root Checker To  root your Tecno N3, you have to download and install all the apps above in apk format before proceeeding. Download: Poot Apk  here Download: Ministro II library  (from Google play store) Google the rest and download them.   Have you done that, lets continue...   For you to root a Tecno N3 … [Read more...]

How to Make your Android Phone Battery Last Longer than it does

increase phone battery life

The problem of Android phone battery draining so fast is really a concerned issue for most users and as a result leaving you with dead phone after the first few hours use of the phone.  I think the issue happens to almost all smartphones as long as you make use of the phone facilities cos I encountered the same problem when I was using Nokia E5, the phone hardly carry me through the day cos I do a … [Read more...]

Top Ten Maintenance Tips For Your Mobile Phone!!!


Taking care of your cell phone will help to ensure it has a long and productive life. These are some of tips to help you maintain and get the best out of your mobile phone. All these tips also expect you to maintain the battery, charger and other accessories. 1. Protect your handset with a screenguard and if possible with a plastic ora leather cover. 2. You can charge your battery anytime … [Read more...]

How to View Your Blogger Site Mobile Version on PC!!!


Are you blogging on Blogger platform? Have you ever been on PC and want to check your Blog mobile view on PC without login into your blogger dashboard? It happens to me several times. Sometimes I just happen to want to view  my Blog mobile version, to know what else to improve on. There is a simply trick to use in checking your Mobile Version. Check yours by following the simply … [Read more...]

How To Start Samsung Galaxy S4 In Safe Mode?


  How do I start my Samsung Galaxy S4 in Safe Mode? 1. Switch off the your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S4. 2. Wait for atleast 5 seconds and at most 8 seconds 3. Press and hold the Power key for one or two seconds to turn on the device again. 4. When the Samsung logo displays, quickly press and hold the Volume down key until the lock screen is displayed. When the Lock screen … [Read more...]

Samasung Galaxy S4 Active is really Awesome with Dust & Water Resistant

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung galaxy S4 Active is a smartphone with difference, allowing you to you live without Limits! It's bundled with great features such as Protection from Dust Water resistant Flagship Experience with all intelligent features of the original GALAXY S4 Smart health advisor on your phone Robust companion for dynamic activities Imagine being able to take your phone out while … [Read more...]

How to use Samsung Galaxy Android Phone as Modem (USB Tethering Method)

Samsung Galaxy as Modem

To use Samsung Galaxy phone as modem. You need to have Samsung Kies PC suit software installed in your PC just like Nokia suit. Firstly, you need to check that your PC has WiFi receiver before you can use your Samsung Galaxy Android phone as a modem using USB cable which is known as USB tethering. Tethering is used to share internet connection from your Android smartphone to other phones or PCs. … [Read more...]

How to Increase RAM of Android Phones up to 4GB

Ram upgrader

If you happen to buy an Android phone with lower RAM such as 512MB and below etc, you would've notice that you are limited in term of how many apps that runs at a time. Increase your phone RAM with "RAM expander app", a smart way to expand the phone current RAM to 2GB of RAM or 4GB which is a lot of space for multitasking, gaming etc. REOHSOFT RAM Expander is the most powerful RAM increasing … [Read more...]