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Infinix Spice Surf Spice X403; Powerful Phone with Great Features

The new Infinix Surf Spice x403 is a beautifully designed smartphone that's powerful, packed great features and yet pocket friendly. The brand new Infinix surf spice x403 is driven by a stunning 1.3 GHZ Dual core processor to present the best on its ultra brightening, it comes loaded with 5.0MP Rear Continue Reading

Tecno R7 Amazing Features, Specs and Price

Tecno R7 is yet another great Android phone from Tecno, it packs all the great features you can think of which make it stand out from previous releases. R7 tecno phone is a Powerful engine that is embodied in delicate, elegant shape. Its well design, unexpected self-portrait feature, its slim body Continue Reading

How You can use Your Cell Phone to Earn Money

You may have invested a huge sum for your smartphone and while you are enjoying using and exploring its new features, you may also be ignoring a feature that can be extremely beneficial to you and help you earn some good dough. You may not realize it but you can earn good money from your smartphone. Continue Reading

Picking the Best PAYG Plan

When looking for your best mobile phone plan, there are a number of things to consider. The type of phone you want, how (and how much) you plan to use your phone, and how much you want, and can afford, to pay all come into consideration.  Of course in making these determinations, you’ll have to Continue Reading

The Mobile Phones That Will Shape 2014

Ever year comes with a string of new mobile phones that will cause excitement throughout the entire industry, and 2014 looks to be no exception to this. But what are the phones that will shape our lives this year? Read on to find out about the most advanced and stylish models ready for release. 1 Continue Reading

Fast Download For Blackberry Using UcWeb Browser!!!

Most Blackberry Users are seriously complaining about the slow speed of downloading on their Blackberry, If you want a Fast Downloading Speed on BB, Then Ucweb should solve your Problem. Though some users still have Issues using Ucweb on their Blackberry, The Scope is that it requires a Continue Reading

How To Root Tecno N3 Android Phones!!!

REQUIREMENTS 1.Poot 2.Ministro II library 3. Superuser 4.Root Checker To  root your Tecno N3, you have to download and install all the apps above in apk format before proceeeding. Download: Poot Apk  here Download: Ministro II library  (from Google play store) Google the rest Continue Reading

How to Make your Android Phone Battery Last Longer than it does

The problem of Android phone battery draining so fast is really a concerned issue for most users and as a result leaving you with dead phone after the first few hours use of the phone.  I think the issue happens to almost all smartphones as long as you make use of the phone facilities cos I Continue Reading