Leaked: Infinix Zero2 Features and Photos #TheNextHero

Infinix Zero 2

Recently Infinix Mobile offered a teaser of an upcoming product through their Facebook Fan Page using the hashtag #TheNextHero, we all know it’s about an upcoming device but none could tell exactly what device it is, until few days ago when an Infinix insider revealed that the Infinix #TheNextHero which has changed to #Zero2Hero represents […]

Innjoo Note vs Tecno P9 Phantom Pad Mini Comparison

Innjoo note vs Tecno P9

Innjoo Note vs Tecno P9 phantom pad mini comparison, which is better? The Innjoo iNote is currently the best selling note in Nigeria mobile market, considering the wow features of the iNote and it’s low price, you can’t afford to miss this phablet. However, some people wish to know between Innjoo Note and Tecno P9 […]

The Importance of Video Measurement in Quality Control

importance of Video measurement

Video measurement is frequently used in the scientific world, but also in the manufacturing industries. While the term may sound vaguely scientific and bring to mind images of high-tech machinery and galaxies, the truth is that video measurement is a very practical tool that can help with quality control. Over the last decade there has […]

Making a Good Impression with PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Designers

Whether you are an entrepreneur and you’re ready to change the world with your innovative business concept or you own a large corporation, you need to get it right the first time when you are making a presentation. Turn to PowerPoint Designers the next time you need polish or a little pizazz. You can take […]

Complete Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Mac

apple mac cleaner software

Reliability is compromised because of problems you might eventually begin to experience with your Mac computer. A slow moving Mac can be caused by a variety of issues. The system might be overrun with files that have somehow hogged the hard drive space causing it to move sluggish and become unreliable. Mac computers can also […]

5 ECommerce Companies That Are Changing the Way We Eat (Grocery Deliver, meal delivery, etc)

e-commerce helps how to eat

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then more and more ECommerce companies are embracing this as a vehicle to get there.  ECommerce is changing the way we eat by providing us with many options to fill our food needs. With just a few strokes of our fingers across our keypads […]