How You can use Your Cell Phone to Earn Money

Cell phone

You may have invested a huge sum for your smartphone and while you are enjoying using and exploring its new features, you may also be ignoring a feature that can be extremely beneficial to you and help you earn some good dough. You may not realize it but you can earn good money from your smartphone. The obvious reaction would be to sell it off, but earning money from your smartphone does not, in … [Read more...]

Be A Better Software Engineer

The role of a software engineer is as demanding as it is ever changing; not only do you need to produce innovative solutions to  unique requirements, but you also need to continually adapt the way you do things in order to ensure that you’re taking advantage of cutting edge approaches and technology. So in this guide we try to make things easier for you by looking at some of the ways in which you … [Read more...]

Picking the Best PAYG Plan

best paygo plan

When looking for your best mobile phone plan, there are a number of things to consider. The type of phone you want, how (and how much) you plan to use your phone, and how much you want, and can afford, to pay all come into consideration.  Of course in making these determinations, you’ll have to decide which is the best type of plan for you: a pay as you go (PAYG), pay monthly contract, or Sim-only … [Read more...]

The Mobile Phones That Will Shape 2014

samsung galaxy s5

Ever year comes with a string of new mobile phones that will cause excitement throughout the entire industry, and 2014 looks to be no exception to this. But what are the phones that will shape our lives this year? Read on to find out about the most advanced and stylish models ready for release. 1 Samsung Galaxy S5 Arguably the most anticipated of all mobile phones waiting to be released is … [Read more...]

Five Essential IPhone Accessories To Keep Your Phone Safe And Secure

Five Essential iPhone Accessories to Keep Your Phone Safe and Secure Even with increased competition, the iPhone has maintained its place as one of the coolest and most covetable phones on the market. And it’s probably safe to say that your iPhone is one of your most beloved possessions. However, everything that makes the iPhone attractive also makes them costly – and repairing or … [Read more...]

Personal Computer Security Trends For 2014

Securing your personal computer is of the utmost importance. There are new security trends that you need to be aware of for 2014 to ensure that you protect your PC – and all of the wireless devices that you use throughout the day. Threats come from every direction and you need to be sure you have the necessary protection in place. Malware Comes from All Directions Malware includes viruses, … [Read more...]

Data Management: Tips For Keeping Track Of Your Email List Data

In order for your business to run smoothly, you have to keep your customers informed through email. In order to maintain an email list, you must keep track of and manage your customer information and data. There are several ways to do this, depending on your business, your industry, and your company's size. From handwritten ledgers to customer relationship management and data integration tools, it … [Read more...]

Has The Blackberry Had Its Day?


When the BlackBerry smartphone was at its peak, the device was a status symbol in the corporate and political arena. But many now wonder whether or not there is a future for BlackBerry with a significant loss late in 2013. In latter part of 2013, BlackBerry announced that the company would lay off more than 4000 employees which amounted to nearly 40 percent of an already shrinking workforce. … [Read more...]

Five Technology Brands To Keep You Eye On In 2014

It seems that every year a new technology or piece of gadgetry comes out that makes us re-evaluate what we need to have in our houses, cars, or pockets. 2014 is shaping up to pioneer some truly must-have pieces of tech, and here is a list of the top five! Sony Sony has a big year ahead of it. It just launched the PlayStation 4, of course, and has recently announced that it will be launching … [Read more...]

Digital downloading the Fastest way to Distribute Data Contents

digital downloading

During the later part of the 20th Century, 'multimedia' was all about providing information in a wide variety of formats, on a number of different storage mediums. Videos, documents, audio files and images could be distributed by hard disc, zip drive, CD and DVD - the access speeds and capacities have increased remarkably. The development of the Internet and faster downloading and uploading speeds … [Read more...]

Why the iPad Air Is the Best Tablet on the Market

iPad Air tablet

If you are looking for a device that has a display bigger than the average 4 inches and smaller than your desktop monitor, look no further because the iPad Air has taken the market by a storm. Like its predecessors, the iPad Air boasts not just the 9.7 inches multi-touch display with LED backlighting, but has lost some weight, and trust me, it has worked out incredibly well for this new product. … [Read more...]

The process of copying DVD

how to copy dvd

DVD copying, also known as ‘ripping’, describes the copying of data from a DVD disk onto a computer. This can be done in a number of different ways, using a variety of software as long as you have the hardware to read DVD disks available to you, as well as sufficient hard drive storage in order to save the data from the DVD. Why copy DVDs? DVDs make excellent storage solutions and are a great … [Read more...]