Has The Blackberry Had Its Day?


When the BlackBerry smartphone was at its peak, the device was a status symbol in the corporate and political arena. But many now wonder whether or not there is a future for BlackBerry with a significant loss late in 2013. In latter part of 2013, BlackBerry announced that the company would lay off more than 4000 employees which amounted to nearly 40 percent of an already shrinking workforce. … [Read more...]

How To Take A Screenshot On Blackberry Z10 & Q10 Phones!!!


One of the lesser known features of the BlackBerry Q10 is the built-in ability to take a screenshot. Unlike BlackBerry phones of years past, you no longer need an external application (or any application at all) to take a screenshot on your BlackBerry Q10. You may want to take a screenshot for any number of reasons. To capture your icon arrangement, document something on your device or for … [Read more...]

How To Move Your BBM Contacts Without Resending Friend Requests!!!


BlackBerry Messenger offers a Backup Management feature that makes this Transfer very easy. HOW TO BACKUP YOUR CONTACT FROM YOUR CURRENT PHONE Open BBM on your current phone, hit the menu button and scroll down to Options. Follow these steps: Options > Backup Management > Back Up Then Select Back up files locally > Select Auto save , Then hit Back up Now > Save file … [Read more...]

How To Install Blackberry Messenger (BBM) On PC!!!


Blackberry messenger can now be used on a PC. To Install BBM on PC, you have to read this post carefully and follow all the steps stated below. REQUIREMENTS TO GET STARTED 1. Android SDK, you can download and extract Android SDK bundle here 2. BBM APK, you can download and extract BBM Apk here How Can I Set Up BBM For PC ? 1. Go to the extracted adt-bundle folder then Open SDK … [Read more...]

BBM For Nokia Coming Soon !!!


BBM for windows phone 8 devices is already rumored and is in progress according to the report from BlackBerry’s official twitter account. As we know, BBM is made available for Android and iOS, but what next? Do we will be getting the XAP format for BBM application? As said by BlackBerry, they are working hard to bring the application for windows phone 8 and windows phone 7.5 devices. … [Read more...]

How To Download Videos directly on your BlackBerry / Mobile Device!!!


I will share with you today two different ways you can download Full videos from Youtube to your blackberry device. This era is all about media and mobility, now who doesnt know youtube, people stream songs all the time and now a days from their mobile devices. Step 1: SS Executioner: I called this SS Executioner because it allows you to add SS to the front of your URL before taking you to your … [Read more...]

Finally BBM for Android & iPhone becomes available for Download

BBM for Android and iPhone

BBM for Android and iPhone is now available for download for free. BlackBerry finally delivers the long-awaited Android and iOS versions of its unique BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service. The BBM app, according to official announcement is supposed to launch on the on 22nd of September 2013 at 7am EDT, BBM for Android will appear in the Google Play Store and 5 hours later at noon EDT, the app will … [Read more...]

Blackberry Q10 Smartphone Price too high, fails to Impress

blackberry Q10 smartphone

Blackberry Q10 smartphone is a line of Blackberry 10, the company's flagship released in April 2013. It's a phone made with difference targeting professional business folks. A lot of work has gone on in rebuilding Blackberry platform in order to bring back it's lost glory, which saw to the developing of Blackberry 10 OS (Blackberry Z10 & Blackberry Q10). Blackberry Q10 amazing design ranges … [Read more...]

How to Reinstall BlackBerry OS in 30 seconds

Reinstall blackberry OS

Learn how to reinstall BlackBerry OS in 30 seconds. Should in case your Blackberry smartphone starts developing some problems which may be a software related problems. You can easily resolve the problems by reloading some applications, or changing your phone settings, but in other cases where there are more serious problems which require more drastic measures. Under these circumstances, it may … [Read more...]

Price Of Used Blackberry Curve Mobile Phones

how much is used blackberry curve4

Price of used blackberry curve mobile phone and where to buy them. The BlackBerry Curve and other blackberry phones are both BlackBerry smartphone lines with full QWERTY keyboards or touch screens and trackpad-based navigation. They are superficially similar, but there are subtle differences between the phones with each series having its own advantages and disadvantages. In general, Blackberry … [Read more...]

Protect Blackberry Phone With Free Anti Virus Download

free anti virus download to protect blackberry phone

Get a BlackBerry free anti virus download to keep your phone sound. If you own a blackberry phone, you can use protect it from unauthorized use, malicious applications and virus using a free virus protection app. The lookout mobile security app can be used to protect your blackberry phone from worms and theft. It can also be used to backup your blackberry files and recover them in case … [Read more...]

Etisalat Promo; Blackberry Curve 9300 3G Smartphone at N32,000 plus FREE BB Complete

Etisalat promo Blackberry curve for 32K

Etisalat Nigeria Introduces Blackberry Curve Bundle Offer! With Etisalat Mobile Network, Owning a BlackBerry phone just got so easy! You can now own a 3G Blackberry Curve 9300 smartphone powered by Etisalat Nigeria for just N32,000 with many freebies included. Buy the 3.75G enabled BB9300 at 20% discount and you will get ONE MONTH FREE BB complete BIS subscription + FREE blackberry … [Read more...]