2go: How To Chat Anonymously (Offline Mode) On 2go.

2go mobile messenger

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With 2go on your mobile, you can chat with all your friends anywhere, anytime. It can also connect to other chat networks including Facebook, Google Talk and MXit.

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Upon successful installation, you are now ready to explore your world.

Now, back to the topicHow To Chat Anonymously on 2go” (2go invisible chat) which is the main purpose of this post.

Ok, let’s go now…

To chat anonymously (offline chat mode or invisible chat) on 2go simply follow the five (5) simple steps below:

1. Open the 2go application on your mobile phone/device to login to 2go chat messenger.

2.  Go to “Settings” and under settings are the following options:

  • Change presence
  • General settings
  • Chat settings
  • Gateway settings
  • Alert settings
  • 2go shortcuts
  • Change passwords.

Just click on “Change Presence

3.  Under “Change Presence” are three types presence styles you can use to show your current presence status namely:

  • Online (this presence status simply lets your friends/connections know you are online so they can so they can send and receive chat messages from you).
  • Away (this presence status tells your friends/connections that you are online but busy and will come back online soon, they can they can drop you some important messages for you to reply back once you return online.
  • Appear Offline” this is what we want to get at (it’s to tell your friends and connections that you are logged off, therefore making then to stop sending chat messages to you cos you won’t reply then) Even when you are still online.

4.  Select the “Appear Offline” mode, to appear offline to all your friends and connections.
Please NOTE: Selecting this presence status mode does not actually log you off. It’s just a presence style in which you want to appear in, just like other two (Online and Away) presence mode.

5.  Once you have selected “Appear Offline” mode, go into any 2go chat room and continue chatting for as long as you want, without any chat disturbance from any of your friends/connections.

You can also chat with only one or selected friends using this mode (just let them know you are with them and can reply all their chats instantly, so that they won’t think you have been logged off)
You will continue to chat with the particular or selected friends/connections only, while throwing all other friends/connections off-ballance cos they don’t know you are still online. And none of them will send you any chat message. 

I hope this helps!

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