Comparing High Speed Internet Providers Online

By Daphne Jayma. More than ever, people trust the Internet in doing various activities – from carrying out complex business operations to doing tasks as simple as spotting locations and purchasing items from online stores and merchants. It then follows that high-speed. Unfortunately, there is a great tendency to drown in the pool of available […]

Submit a Guest Post at

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Time to make guest post at SilvaniBLOG. Thank you for your interest in Joining us on this exciting experience (guest blog post). You’ve just arrived to the most visited page on our blog after the “About Me” and “Download” page. We at SilvaniBLOG believe that publishing your guest blog posting service on our blog will help […]

Using Your Mobile Phone As ROUTER For Multiple Sharing Of Internet Connection

using mobile phone as router

You can use your mobile phone as a ROUTER for multiple sharing of internet connection as your mobile phone has many facilities built into it and one of such is the capability to Using your MOBILE PHONE as a ROUTER to connect other devices. Your mobile phone has many purpose of which it was built. […]

Invest Money The Easiest Way With BGL E-Invest

invest with bgl

E-Invest is an online money investment platform that provides you with easy way to make investments, buy shares and stocks with BGL Securities from anywhere, at anytime using Credit Cards, ATM Cards, Online accounts etc. It’s fast and easy to use. With the growth of the Internet, there has been a revolution on how we […]

Google PageRank Revealed, How To Calculate Page Rank

google pagerank progress bar

Is no longer news, knowing the google pagerank calculation formula, as Google PageRank calculation has been revealed. What is PageRank? You asked! PageRank is numerical ranking value between 0 to 10 which is provided by Google search engine to show the quality and impotance of websites. Google Page rank calculation formula is basically calculated only […]

Price List Of Nokia Phones In India

Nokia phone prices

I thought it necessary to compose this post about the Prices List Of Nokia Phones In India as to help My loyal readers have an idea of the cost of their dream Nokia phones. The Nokia Phone Prices compiled in this post are newer versions of Nokia Phones. Though Prices are quoted in Indian Rupee, […]

Tips To Making Online Money Investments

online investment tips

Making Money in Online Investments Program Can be Profitable and a good way of boost your income. The purpose of this post is to help you learn some Tips To Making Online Money Investments which can help you become successful in Online Investments Business. If you are interested in investing money with some online investment […]

Text Message In Styles; SMS with Images, Emotions, Flash and Vibration

emotional sms images

Send superSMS enriched with pictures, emoticons, flash and vibration. All at the same rate of normal SMS charges! Change your way of sending sms by adding Free mobile emotions pics in those sms you send to your loved ones. Super SMS is an application that will let you send fun sms including text, images, sounds, vibration flash etc, It […]