How To Monitor Up-time And Downtime Of Your Blogger, Blog, Website For Free

monitor site downtime and site up time

To umonitor up-time or downtime of a blogger, WordPress blog or website can be very useful as this will help you be at alert and know when your blog, website is up and running (site online) or when your site is down and become unavailable (site offline). Even the best servers go down sometimes and […]

Yahoo Instant Messenger Mobile App; Chat with Yahoo IM on Mobile Phone

Yahoo messenger (IM) app on all phones

Download Yahoo messenger for mobile app And continue chatting on the go! If you can’t stop chatting with your friends then Mobile Yahoo Mobile is for you. Now you can just Keep the conversation experience going with Yahoo messenger mobile app designed for mobile phones. Receive, read and respond to messages in the gym, at […]

Airtel Goodies, Incentives, Value Added Services and Subscription Codes to make live better

airtel goodies, incentives, value added services and subscription codes

After a careful follow up on the Airtel Nigeria network, I came to find out some free stuffs, goodies, incentives, value added services and subscription codes that can really be useful and fun, add value to your life and can even help in making your life better. Here are some of the Airtel goodies I have […]

What Is PostCode Of My City? How To Get Postal Code Of Nigerian Cities

What is a postal code

After series of research I came to understand that a good number of Nigerians does not know what is postcode and zipcode of their cities. Yes I know what am talking about, most Nigerians even those I see as internet experts uses 23401 or 23402 as their area postcode which is very wrong cos there […]