More than Handheld Technology

Handheld tech

The world seems to wait with bated breath to hear announcements about the newest smartphones and tablets. Although handheld technology is one of the most innovative parts of the 21st century, there are countless other advancements making life easier for almost every person. From comfortable medical solutions from minds like Carl Freer to robots helping […]

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Internet and the Public Institutions

Internet connectivity

The main goal of the most of the public institutions around the world is to serve the citizens. That’s why all of the organizations should be focused on delivering the highest quality of the services. In the developed countries like those from Western Europe or United States, public institutions do their job very well and […]

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List of All Active Godaddy Coupon codes for domain and Hosting plans

godaddy coupon promo codes

Today I want to write a list that will comprise all active Godaddy coupon codes that will give you great savings of up to 90% on both domain names and web hosting plans. Imagine getting a .COM domain name for as little as $1.49 for the first year instead of the regular price of $14/yr […]

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Best Mac Cleaner Software

mac cleaner

A slow mac can be frustrating as it means a slowing down of the progress you might be trying to make. Getting your mac back to its original position, i.e. a smooth speed that you can boast of, is easier than you might be thinking. There is a number of mac cleaner software available on […]

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How Tecno Mobile: Once an Underdog Beat the Markets

Tecno phones

The Chinese GSM manufacturing company known as Tecno Telecoms overtime has changed the view and opinions Nigerians and Africans in general had about them and the popularity of the phones has grown overtime especially on the big online shopping website in Nigeria like Kaymu, OLX and so on. Chinko, is the popular name that is […]

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Amazon Fire TV; Best Device for Streaming 1080p Media Content with Voice Search

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a small box that connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. It Streams 1080p media player with voice search features which gives you faster search of your favorite online movies. It’s gives you easy access to media contents from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, YouTube, online low-cost movie […]

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HostGator Wants You Back, Offers 75% off Unlimited Hosting Plans

Hostgater 75% off hosting

HostGator offers 75% off unlimited shared plans to all those who has left them for other web hosting companies due to some reasons best known to them, but not limited to new accounts if you signup using the gator 75%off special link in this post. HostGator wants you back with a whopping 75$ off any […]

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The Need for Information Technology in Business Success

IT for business

The Information Technology has big to permeate the business world, touching however firms build and market their merchandise, also as however folks communicate and achieve their jobs in fashionable organizations. specialised software system shapes best-practices and business standards, regularly ever-changing the face of business in nearly each manner. The field of engineering involving computer-based hardware […]

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