How to Buy and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 at Cheapest Price

Unlock galaxy S5

In today’s competitive mobile market there are many brands out there one of which is the much talked about Samsung galaxy S5. But then, it isn’t cheap as many would wished to, especially if you are buying the unlocked version outside a carrier. But with this guide you will learn how to new Galaxy S5 […]

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Alert: Top 4 Ways Thieves Are Stealing Your Credit Card Info

Secure credit card

If you own one or more credit cards the chances of you getting your card stolen and used for nefarious activities are pretty high. In fact, credit card theft is just an aspect of the bigger identity theft that is sweeping the nation today. Stats from as recently as 2012 released by the Department of […]

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Fastest ISP? Let the race continue!

photo race_zpsb5feee25.jpg

People just love a good race.  Whether it’s a horse race, greased pigs or stock cars, a race is a race.  And even politics is popular at least as much for the race aspect as for the policies being debated and the chance to justifiably shout at your neighbour. As Don Henley sang: ” Bigger […]

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8 Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Family Room and Wow Your Guests

photo entertaining_guests_zpsdf1cfe05.jpg

Call it your den, your family room, your parlor, your drawing room, your salon, your sitting room, your Great Hall of Fabulous Welcome – whatever you call it, there is a place in your house where you usher the guests after dinner for some light conversation or a wicked game of Clash of Asteroids. If […]

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Best Ways to Ensure your Antivirus Software Program Program is Performing

Best Antivirus/ antimalware software

Typically, filters block these, so acquiring an influx is often a high quality indication of a rogue system. This is evident if one studies the habits of pc customers and becomes acquainted with some extremely informative facts. I’ve compiled here for your convinence 10 tell tale signs that can warn you on the presence of […]

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Get Free Huawei E303 USB Modem From Etisalat Nigeria

Etisalat free usb modem

Etisalat Free USB Modem is the latest offer from Etisalat Nig, a gaint mobile operator and the fastest growing telecom firm in the country which is one of their numerous offerings to wow their customers, this time around its the offering of free huawei e303 usb modem (worth of N4000) to all new customers who […]

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Launch of Kaymu Affiliate Program; An Easier way to Make Money

kaymu affiliate program

As Online shopping in Nigeria spreads like wild fire, with proliferation of e-commerce platforms offering different business models, one of which is Kaymu, Nigeria’s leading online marketplace similar to eBay. Kaymu platform gives buyers access to a wide variety of quality products at the most competitive price while offering sellers a platform to reach a […]

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‘Freemium’/’Free-To-Play’ Games on your TV and Mobile

Freemium games

It probably wouldn’t be an overstatement to estimate that at least 50% of the western world will, at the time of writing own (or at least have access to) a smartphone and/or tablet device. These devices have not only changed the way we communicate and socialise with our friends, family members and co-workers, they have […]

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